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Electrical generators are not just something you buy and never use. In many parts of the country, frequent power outages are a common occurrence. In Florida and other Gulf Coast states, severe thunderstorms routinely knock power out. And that doesn’t count the days before and after a hurricane hits. In the northeast, snow and ice storms can wreak havoc on power lines anywhere from early storms in October all the way through late spring storms in April. Even just several days of heavy rain can soften the ground to the point where tall pine trees fall, snapping power lines on their way crashing down to the ground.

Think electrical generators are out of your price range? Think again. Not only are they affordable, but you really can’t afford not to own one. Sure, often power outages only last a short time, a couple of hours at the most. But sometimes they can stretch on for weeks. When the outages back up, the power company can only get to so many neighborhoods in a day. Hotel, restaurant and loss of wages can pile up in a hurry. And even when you return home after power is restored, you still have to replace spoiled food. But with an electrical generator, your life will not have the major interruption and you can keep on keeping on.

Guardian 13000-Watt / 13kW Home Backup Generator, Wi-Fi Enabled with FREE Mobile Link

MODEL #7173
Starting at $3,715.97
ON SALE: $3,615.97**

Power the necessities with added strength to back-up a 3-ton air conditioner, well pump or water heater.

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5 Year Limited Warranty