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A home generator is always a wise investment, wherever you live. But some regions of the country are more susceptible to power outages than others. Tornadoes in the Midwest, ice storms in New England, and severe thunderstorms and hurricanes in the Southeast. Don’t sit in the dark, shiver in the cold, or sweat in the heat, when you could have electricity to your entire house restored almost instantly with a generator. A lack of electricity can also be a security hazard. Most alarm systems do not work while the power is out.

Lose power for an extended period of time, and the hotel and restaurant bills will tally up faster than you can possibly imagine, with no way of knowing when the end will come. Plus, your grocery store bill will go way up as you have to replace spoiled food. Have a second fridge in the garage or basement? Go ahead and multiply that final grocery bill by two. But with a home generator, life can get back to normal almost immediately.