Propane Tank Refills

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You might ask yourself, “Where do I go for propane tank refills?” For your convenience, there are a couple of options. If you just need to refill your small tank, like the one you use for outdoors BBQs, you can just swing by your neighborhood propane station and have them refill it for you. You can also exchange tanks, but refilling them is a more economical way to go, and you also get more propane for your money. The reason for this is because when they fill the tanks for exchanging, they only fill them 85% of the way, not to 100% full.

But if you need help refilling your larger tanks, you’ll need to give your local propane company a call to come out and refill your tank for you. You can decide how you want them to come refill your tank. Call them as needed, or choose a set time for them to come out every month. Just depends on how much you use your propane tank. Usually you need to give propane companies a couple of days to come out and refill your tank. So be sure you prepare accordingly, so you’re not left without any in your tank.