Quiet Generator

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Of all the countless advantages of owning a generator, perhaps the sole disadvantage is that they are not the quietest invention man has ever created. But luckily, you can buy a quiet generator that solves the problem nicely. Most quiet generators limit the noise to between 49 and 76 decibels. But just because they are quiet doesn’t mean that they don’t still pack a wallop of power.

Whether you’re trying to run appliances in a power outage, or have power when you’re “roughing it” while camping, a quiet generator is the way to go. Check with your neighborhood appliance or hardware store to see if they carry one. Be sure you ask for the quiet one though. You’d hate to get home and then realize that it was actually the noisier variety once you fired it up and it was so loud you could barely think. That would be a major generator bummer. And no one wants that.