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While many people who are shopping for a generator look for the most powerful one, others care more about finding the quietest generator. You can have a really powerful generator, but if it’s so loud that you can’t hear anything or even hold a conversation, then what good is it? Luckily there are several great brands out there that are not only powerful, but also run quietly. Now your neighbors down the street can’t complain about your generator keeping them awake because it’s so noisy.

There’s also no more having to bundle up and bury yourself in 4 blankets because you’re trying to keep warm in a house without heat in the winter time. Or if it’s summer time and the air conditioning can’t run without power, you don’t have to strip down to your bathing suit and take ice cold showers every ten minutes to keep from overheating. Because when you fire up the generator, both your heat and your air conditioning can continue to work. And your life won’t have to skip a single beat.