Since the beginning of COVID-19, Blue Ridge Energy has worked to assist our members during this difficult time. With the expiration of Gov. Cooper's Executive Orders 124 and 142, Blue Ridge remains committed in our efforts by continuing to suspend disconnects and waiving penalty and late fees for electric members until October. However, we encourage everyone with a past due balance (including Flexpay members) to call us by August 31 at 1-800-451-5474 to set up a special payment plan or ask us about crisis assistance from the In This Together Relief Fund.

Whole House Generators

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Whole house generators range in capacity from 22 to 48kW. When you have that extra power, you know you won’t have to pick and choose which appliances you can continue to run and which you can’t. You can run everything in the house without any problems whatsoever. You don’t have to choose between the air conditioning or the refrigerator, you can run both.

When you lose power in the entire house due to ice storm, snow storm or heavy thunderstorms, it can be more than just an inconvenience, it can mean a loss of money and income, especially if you lose power for an extended period of time. In this day and age, many people either rely on the internet for work, work from home, or both. But without power, these people cannot earn a living. The expenses of having to stay in a hotel or motel can be crippling to homeowners, especially when it lasts for more than a week.

Guardian 22000-Watt / 22kW Home Backup Generator, Wi-Fi Enabled with FREE Mobile Link

MODEL #7042
Starting at $5,290.53
ON SALE: $5,190.53**

Provides whole-house coverage for many homes.

FREE Delivery for Blue Ridge Energy Propane Customers!

5 Year Limited Warranty