Wood Stoves

In today’s world of tweets, texts, and 24-hour news, there’s something reassuringly old school about wood stoves. Whether you’re taking the chill off the morning nip, or the crisp evening, the warmth that wood stoves give off is hard to beat. There are countless advantages to having a wood stove. Some may be obvious, while others are more subtle.

It costs less. Wood, as it turns out is a pretty affordable fuel. You can also save money by “zone heating,” or only heating the parts of the house that you’re actually using. Another nice benefit of a wood stove is it works even when the power goes out. When your neighbors are shivering in the dark, be kind and invite them over to sit around your toasty warm stove. And these days, wood stoves are quite attractive. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Choose the one that best fits your style and home décor.