As we approach the reinstatement of disconnects and late fees, we want to continue helping members! If you have accumulated a large balance during COVID-19, please call us now at 1-800-451-5474 to set up a special payment plan and discuss crisis assistance available from our In This Together Relief Fund.

In This Together Q&As

  • Who do I call for help to pay my Blue Ridge Energy electric or propane/fuels bill?

    Blue Ridge Energy works with helping agencies in each district to administer IN THIS TOGETHER bill assistance. Click here for a list of these agencies in your area. These agencies can qualify you for assistance and may have other ways to provide you help as well. The process involves vouchers toward outstanding electric and fuels bills for Blue Ridge Energy. No cash is exchanged. 

  • Can I still get additional assistance if I received Operation Round Up funds in December?

    Yes. Normally members and customers are only eligible to receive Operation Round Up funds one time in a 12-month period. However, the IN THIS TOGETHER campaign allows members who are behind in their bill to request assistance before the 12-month limit. Check with your local assistance agency to see if you qualify for additional assistance. 

  • How much assistance is available to me?

    In the IN THIS TOGETHER bill assistance program, members and customers may qualify for up to $150 in electric and fuel bill assistance. If you are unemployed and complete a form to verify unemployment, you may qualify for up to an additional $150 in assistance. Click here for a list of agencies who also administer these funds. 

    *The quickest way to seek assistance on your Blue Ridge electric or fuel bills is to contact these agencies directly. Blue Ridge representatives will refer you to these agencies but can also help you get started on a repayment plan.  

  • Can I get assistance if I don't live in Caldwell, Ashe, Watauga and Alleghany County?

    Blue Ridge Energy has members and customers in Alexander, Avery, and Wilkes counties. These members are also eligible for bill assistance. Simply call your closest Blue Ridge office and we will assist you.

    Our propane and fuels subsidiary also has customers in Catawba and Burke and Grayson County VA, counties are eligible for bill pay assistance. These customers should also call their closest Blue Ridge office for information on bill pay assistance. 

  • Can I get help with just my propane bill?

    Blue Ridge Energy Propane and Fuels customers are eligible for assistance. 

  • What happens when you do start disconnecting if I have a large balance?

    If possible, we encourage our members and customers to pay what they can on their energy bill to avoid accumulating large balances at the end of this crisis. Disconnections will resume and we want to avoid this for our members. Please call Blue Ridge at 1-800-451-5474 and we will work with you to design a custom repayment plan.

    Note: Repayment plans will include the current amount due and a portion of your outstanding balance until the outstanding balance is paid. Payment plans may be up to six months or longer under certain circumstances. Repayment plans are available to members with FlexPay and conventional billing methods. 

  • Will you work with me if I don’t have the income to pay all or part of my past due bill?

    Our goal is always to avoid disconnecting your electricity. We understand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and that those effects may last well into the future. Talk with us and we will do everything possible to find an affordable plan that keeps you whole.

  • Where does the In This Together assistance money come from?

    IN THIS TOGETHER funds primarily come from members who round up their electric bill every month or made special donations due to the pandemic. Blue Ridge subsidiaries contribute a portion of their profits to this fund each year and employees and board members of Blue Ridge Energy contribute generously. 

  • How can I help someone who is still struggling with their electric or fuel bill?

    Thank you for wanting to help! Please click here to join the Operation Round Up programs or make a one-time donation. It is quick and easy.