• Blue Ridge Developmental Day- $5,000 for the purchasing of additional classroom supplies that will benefit learning activities, as well as playground repair and equipment;
  • Blue Ridge Opportunity Commission – $5,322 to assist in providing individuals, families, and elderly with rental assistance;
  • Northwestern Regional Library – $500 to assist with Memories and Visions, an intergenerational program that connects diverse age groups, combating isolation.


  • Ashe Food Pantry, Inc. - $5,000 to aid in providing several hundred holiday food boxes distributed from Ashe Food Pantry, Operation Backup and Mountaineer Pantry;
  • Ashe Memorial Hospital, Inc. - $5,000 to provide aid for uninsured and underinsured patients with free medication to citizens in the county;
  • Ashe Really Cares - $3,000 to assist in the purchase of healthy and nutritious food, along with a cooler to preserve the food for longer periods of time;
  • Lost Province Center for the Cultural Arts - $2,500 to support the promotion of cultural arts and skills in the Southern Appalachian region through classes in pottery, weaving, knitting, and winemaking;
  • Museum of Ashe County History - $2,500 to help reconstruct log cabins that have been donated to the museum;
  • Wilkes Circles of Care – $1,000 support the goal of reducing poverty and breaking the cycle of generational poverty.


  • Caldwell Council on Adolescent Health - $2,688 to assist in funding educational awareness of teen pregnancies and alarmingly high rates of sexually-transmitted diseases in our area;
  • Caldwell County Yokefellow – $12,500 to assist in purchasing equipment that is needed to unload, move and stack large quantities of inventory received;
  • Foundation of CCC&TI, Inc. – $22,500 to support the new pre-apprenticeship program “Trade-Up,” that will improve student learning outcomes and support meaningful employment opportunities for students in trades;
  • Helping Hands Clinic - $5,000 to help support the operation of the pharmacy, including the purchase of generic medications, medication bottles, lancets, syringes, pen needles and other diabetic testing supplies;
  • Lenoir Soup Kitchen - $8,500 to assist in purchasing a replacement for the multi-burner stoves and for the addition of an oven to have a more efficient kitchen system to better serve the community.


  • Children’s Council of Watauga County- $5,000 to assist in providing family support services in times of need to stabilize the family environment and parenting support;
  • Community Care Clinic – $5,000 to assist in providing care for patients with mental health issues, that include trauma processing, substance abuse counseling, tobacco use cessation, and more;
  • Friends of Watauga County Public Library – $3,000 to support the library in building and updating literacy collections, with a focus in decodable books for emergent, struggling, and dyslexic readers;
  • Hunger & Health Coalition – $3,500 to assist in stocking inventory in the Coalition’s pantry to provide fresh food for the community members they serve;
  • LIFE Village, Inc. – $5,000 to aid in the expansion and support of an affordable housing option in Boone that will promote and foster an inclusive community for adults with autism and other challenges to live, learn and grow;
  • Mountain Alliance, Inc. - $5,000 to support the “School’s Out” after school academic program that provides an inclusive, welcoming, supervised setting for teenagers at Watauga High School;
  • OASIS, Inc. - $5,000 to support the only free and confidential Emergency Shelter Program in Watauga and Avery counties, for victims and children fleeing intimate partner violence or sex trafficking;
  • Western Youth Network - $25,000 to help the after-school program in Ashe and Alleghany county provide students with daily care, that will include: one-on-one tutoring, nutrition education, healthy snacks, and many other opportunities to engage in resilience-building strategies.