Since the beginning of COVID-19, Blue Ridge Energy has worked to assist our members during this difficult time. With the expiration of Gov. Cooper's Executive Orders 124 and 142, Blue Ridge remains committed in our efforts by continuing to suspend disconnects and waiving penalty and late fees for electric members until October. However, we encourage everyone with a past due balance (including Flexpay members) to call us by August 31 at 1-800-451-5474 to set up a special payment plan or ask us about crisis assistance from the In This Together Relief Fund.

Rush Hour Rewards

Nest smart thermostat owners can save money, lower their monthly electric bill and receive a one-time $50 bill credit by joining our Rush Hour Rewards program. By signing up, you get paid for allowing Blue Ridge Energy to remotely adjust your thermostat through your in-home Wi-Fi a few degrees on very hot afternoons in the summer. 

Your Nest thermostat can cool things down before a rush hour event begins and you always have the final say in your home’s temperature! You can change your thermostat back at any time by using your smart thermostat’s wall unit or smart phone app.

Proven energy savings

A smart thermostat helps to decrease your bill by learning your schedule and adjusting your temperature to an energy-efficient setting. You can control your thermostat anywhere on your smartphone or computer.

One-time $50 sign-up rebate

Receive a one-time $50 rebate applied directly to your electric bill when you sign up for our smart thermostat program. This program allows Blue Ridge Energy to adjust your thermostat during peak periods - usually the hottest afternoons of summer.

Help keep rates low!

When we work together to reduce energy use on the hottest days in the summer, it helps us keep rates low for everyone.

Program Details

To be eligible for this Blue Ridge Energy rebate, you must register your Nest smart thermostat online and participate in our Rush Hour Rewards Program. You must be a Blue Ridge Energy member with wi-fi and central air conditioning to participate in this program. Your Nest Thermostat must be located at your residence served by Blue Ridge Energy.

Frequently asked questions

  • What can a smart thermostat do for me?

    Smart thermostats pay attention to your habits at home before beginning to self-adjust in order to save energy and money when you’re away. 

  • Are they worth the price?

    Smart thermostat users save an estimated 10-23% on their energy bills per year according to studies conducted by Nest producers. And that’s not the only way you save as a smart thermostat owner. Check out the different ways you can save as a Blue Ridge Energy member below!

    1. Receive an initial rebate for your smart thermostat by signing up for the Rush Hour Rewards program.* (This can be a new purchase or a past purchase).
    2. Decrease your bill by lowering your energy use as your smart thermostat cools and heats your home more efficiently.
    3. Help us reduce our peak which helps keep rates low for all members. Programs like our Rush Hour Rewards program and Beat The Peak help reduce our peak energy demands and save money. As a not-for-profit cooperative, when Blue Ridge Energy saves, you save too!
  • Can renters join?

    Yes! All you need is a Nest smart thermostat, Wi-Fi and permission from your landlord or apartment complex to install a smart thermostat.

  • What are "peak" times?

    Peak times are the times of day when people are using the greatest amount of electricity. A part of power supply costs is determined by energy used during peak times. If we can reduce the amount of energy used during these peak times by using smart thermostats, we can reduce Blue Ridge Energy’s power costs and save our members money.

    Think about energy use and peak times like cars and traffic. As more cars hit the highway at the end of the workday, the more congested the roads become.

    A similar issue happens when the temperatures outside start to rise in the summer and more people begin to crank up their air conditioning. This causes the energy demand acros the cooperative to rise. Just like sitting in traffic costs drivers more money, increased demand causes co-op members’ bills to rise due to increased power supply costs.

    By reducing the energy used during peak times, you help decrease the demand for energy and help lower the cost of energy used. It’s like taking cars off the road during rush hour so that no one sits in traffic wasting gas!

  • How often will Blue Ridge Energy adjust my thermostat?

    We are planning no more than 48 "rush hour" events between June 1 and September 30. Each event will last a maximum of four hours. Energy rush hours (peak events) happen on weekdays between noon and 7 p.m. You will receive notification of an event on your Nest thermostat and Nest app. There will be no more than three Rush Hour events per week.

Nest support

Installation directions

(Blue Ridge Energy will not install or assist with installation of smart thermostats and is not responsible for any equipment issues or malfunctions.)

See Nest Terms & Conditions


For more information about smart thermostats and our savings program, call us at 800.451.5474 or sign up today. Google and Google Nest are trademarks of Google, LLC.