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Empire White Mtn Hearth Driftwood Burncrete Log Set

Slope Glaze Vented Burners and Gas Log Sets 
A vented gas log set makes a great alternative to the hassle of building a log fire in your wood-burning fireplace. Just like a wood fire, a vented gas log set provides plenty of mesmerizing flames and flickering light. And when you are ready for bed, just flick the switch to turn it off – no waiting for the embers to die down. 

Vented log sets are considered decorative systems and must be installed in a vented fireplace with the damper open and may not operate by thermostat. 


  • Available in LP and Natural Gas in 18, 24, and 30-inch models - up to 75,000 Btu 
  •  UL listed and include either a rear-mounted manual or millivolt valve 
  •  On/off remote control or wall switch for Millivolt Vented Burners 
  • Choose from log sets in ceramic fiber, refractory concrete, and Burncrete