AO Smith EJCS-20 ProLine® Specialty Compact 19.9-Gallon Electric Water Heater

The ProLine® Compact electric water heater is designed to take up as little room as possible and is the ideal choice for when installation space is limited to tight spaces such as under counters and in crawl spaces.

With a 19-gallon tank and 1 element delivering 2500 watts, the EJCS-20 is designed to fit into tight spaces. The Coregard™ Anode helps protect the tank from the corrosive effects of water, and is accompanied by a 6-year limited warranty.

Blue Diamond® Glass Coating

Provides superior corrosion resistance compared to industry standard glass lining.

Blue Diamond® Glass coating blend is formulated in the same lab that creates the protection for our industry-leading commercial product line.

Enhanced-Flow Brass Drain Valve

Solid brass, tamper resistant, enhanced-flow, ball type, drain valve. Uses a standard female hose fitting that allows for fast and easy draining during maintenance. Designed for easy operation, this valve includes an integral screwdriver slot that features a 1/4 turn (open/close) radius, which not only permits full straight-through water flow but also a quick and positive shut off.

Approved for Manufactured Housing

All residential electric water heaters are compliant with HUD standards for mobile homes/manufactured housing.