Empire White Mtn Hearth Kensington Forest Ceramic Fiber Log Set

Vented Gas Log Sets and Sand Pan Burners 
A Vented Gas Log Set installs in a wood-burning fireplace to provide all the ambiance of a real wood fire, but without the 
work of hauling in logs, lighting the kindling, tending the fire, and hauling out the ash. You simply light the fire when you 
want it and turn it off when you’re done. Sand pan burners allow you to arrange the log set to suit your taste. Choose 
a traditional match-light set – or one of our Manual or Millivolt Systems for even greater operating ease. 

All Sand Pan Burners include the burner, log grate, sand, and embers. Triple burners include crushed glass instead of sand. 

Radco certified Burners are available in Match Light only, but accept Manual or Millivolt safety pilot valves. Millivolt control works with a wall switch or an on-off remote control. 

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified burners are available with a factory-installed Manual or Millivolt valve. 

Note: Vented gas log sets are certified as decorative appliances, and may not be operated by thermostat. Non-certified burners come in match light only (36- and 42-inch). Their exceptionally large logs and flames fill out oversize 
fireplaces. No valves are available.