Consistent warmth that transforms any space. Looking for a cost-effective heating solution for nearly any living space, or even your whole home? Now you’ve found it. Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnaces’ advanced heating technology puts you in control of your comfort throughout every part of any room, completely and efficiently. Consistent, even heating: Unique technology monitors room temperature, adjusting within seconds to maintain the pre-set temperature. So, your room stays consistently comfortable without big temperature swings. Reduced cold spots: A variablespeed blower circulates warm air evenly throughout the room, for consistent warmth – even in corners. So it’s never too cool at the floor or too warm up higher. Download the brochure for complete details on direct vent options


    At Rinnai, a passion for creating products that perform at their very best has always driven us forward. That’s why the Rinnai Vent-Free Fan Convector is designed to give you an unmatched level of carefree coziness. It’s a unique vent-free product that self-adjusts to keep the temperature in the room consistent and wonderfully comfortable. Comfort, convenience and confidence are what we’re known for. Rinnai’s commitment to safety, quality and support have made us a long- trusted name for pros and homeowners alike. Looking for a cost-effective supplemental heating solution for nearly any living space— room additions, basements, sunrooms or beyond? You’ve just found it. Download the brochure for complete details on vent-free options. 

 *Taxes not included. Prices vary based on model selected.