Available Rebates
for Propane Appliances

Safe Installation Appliances Rebate Program from the State of North Carolina

This program assists propane customers in North Carolina to offset the cost for a qualified technician to conduct a safety audit of the safe installation of certain propane appliances. This safe installation program will foster consumer safety awareness and support the proper installation of new appliances that replace older, less efficient models. Installation of propane appliances in new construction also qualifies. Rebates are available for the safe installation of propane appliances through September 30, 2017 or until funds are depleted.

Rebates are available for:

Propane furnace, or gas pack $250
Propane-fueled vented room heater, or wall furnace $150
Propane-fueled tankless water heater $150
Propane-fueled storage tank-type water heater $150
Dual fuel heat pump with propane as one fuel $250
Propane-fueled cooktop/range $50
Propane-fueled clothes dryer $50

Download, Complete and Mail

Download the application and rules PDF documents below.

To help ensure the timely processing of applications, please make sure all requested information is included.

Submit rebate form with all attachments to:

NC Propane Gas Association
5109 Hollyridge Drive, 
Raleigh, NC 27612