As we approach the reinstatement of disconnects and late fees, we want to continue helping members! If you have accumulated a large balance during COVID-19, please call us now at 1-800-451-5474 to set up a special payment plan and discuss crisis assistance available from our In This Together Relief Fund.

Payment Kiosks

Payment kiosks are located at every district office drive thru for the convenience of members and propane and fuels* customers who need to pay their energy bill outside of our regular office hours and who haven't signed up for online payment. These easy-to-use touch-screen kiosks can accept payments of any size and directly applies all of your payment to your accounts. All you need is your phone number or account number and you're set!

*Propane and fuels customers can make payments at all district office kiosk locations. We are currently unable, however, to accept P&F payments at our off-site payment locations. 


  • Use your phone number or account number to use kiosks at district locations.
  • Your account number is required at our off-site kiosks.
  • Keep your printed receipt.

Kiosk Locations

Be sure to have your account number with you when using our Kiosks.

On-Site Locations

  • Lenoir - 100 Cooperative Way
  • West Jefferson (map)
  • Sparta (map)
  • Boone (map)

Off-Site Locations*

  • Harris Teeter, Boone (map)
  • Scotchman, Hudson (map)
  • Warrensville Drug, Warrensville (map)
  • Fast Track, Millers Creek (map)

* These locations allow electric payments ONLY and require a small transaction fee.