Three Easy Tips to Avoid Power Surge Damage

Power surges can be deadly to your devices. Today’s home is filled with expensive electronics that can be damaged by a sudden increase in voltage caused by lightning strikes or internal sources. It’s important to consider your Options to Avoid the Costs of Replacing Electronics Damaged by a Power Surge. While you research the surge protection option that is right for you, here are three easy tips to help you lessen the risk of surge damage right now.

  1. Check all outlets in your home. Plugging in too many appliances or electronics in the same outlet can lead to power surges and electrical fires.
  2. Keep delicate electronic devices like computers, TVs and smarts phones on a separate outlet from air conditioners or even laser printers. They should not even share the same surge protection strip.
  3. During severe lightning storms, turn off and unplug your valued electronics.