6 Essential Energy and Money Saving Tips for Summer

Summer is almost here and AC units are already working hard. You may be looking for ways to save energy and money. Here are some tips to help you cut the costs this summer:

1. Keep the garage door closed.

Open doors on attached garages can be a source of lost money during the hotter months. When the garage door is closed, it adds the extra layer of insulation your home needs to prevent the inside from heating up and the conditioned air from leaking out.

2. Clean your refrigerator coils annually.

A quick and easy ‘spring-cleaning’ to-do list addition. Clean coils make it easier for your refrigerator to stay cold, letting the unit operate more efficiently. As summer is approaching this can be a good time of year to make sure your coils have been cleaned.

3. Drain your water heater for sediment annually.

Each year you should drain 1-2 gallons from the bottom of your water heater to prevent sediment build up. Sediment build-up causes the water heater to be less efficient.

4. Set your thermostat to 78°F.

During the summer keep your thermostat at 78°F to reduce energy use or set it to the highest comfortable setting. Each degree matters as your AC unit kicks into overdrive during hot weather.

5. Use the air-dry cycle instead of the heat dry for your dishwasher.

If your dish washer has an air-dry cycle setting, this can help save energy by not using as much heat when the dishes are being washed. You can also air-dry your dishes by cracking open the dish washer door once they are done being washed.

6. Make sure the dryer hose is tight and not kinked or clogged.

By ensuring that the exhaust from your dryer can efficiently get out, this helps to reduce energy usage. So, make sure the hose is tight, not allowing excess air to escape. Also, make sure there are no kinks or clogs so the air can effectively escape.