The Advantages of Usage Tracker

There are many factors that impact our daily home energy usage. Your bill may be higher on days that you work from home, due to weather, or a day you forgot to close the window and ran the AC.  

Blue Ridge Energy has a resource for its members so they can track their energy usage – Usage Tracker. When you access your Usage Tracker, it shows you Kwh used, the high and low temperature for the day, and when you used the most or least electricity.  

This can help you determine if you are using more energy on the weekends or if it is due to weather. It can be helpful for recognizing trends and coming up with ways to cut back on energy usage. Cutting back will be helpful for your budget and the environment! 

Members are benefited by understanding their higher bills. It supplies tangible information and visuals to help you comprehend your energy usage.  

It can be difficult to remember what the weather or your week was like when the bill comes at the end of the month. So, this resource can help you relieve some wallet anxieties by better understanding your energy usage.  

Maybe on those really cold days, the Usage Tracker can help you determine if it is worth it to use your propane heat or sit under the heated blanket and throw on an extra layer. And, on those super warm days, the Usage Tracker can help you remind to put your AC on the highest comfortable temperature. Or perhaps, you have been running appliances in mid-afternoon or too often, usage tracker can help you figure that out.  

Usage Tracker is a great resource to use if you have a second home so you can keep track of the energy being used there while you are not there.  

You can access the Usage Tracker online or through the Blue Ridge Energy app! Also, you can set up threshold notifications to alert you once you have reached a certain Kwh usage.