Choosing the Perfect Gas Space Heater for Your Room

Space heaters are a great way to add warmth to your home on a cold winter day. However, with so many different models and features, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Understanding your room size, prioritizing safety/efficiency features, considering venting options, and choosing the right type of heater are key to finding the perfect heating solution. Continue reading to learn more about choosing the right space heater for you.

Room Size and Heater Capacity

The best place to start is figuring out the size of the space to heat, and how much heating power you’ll need. Heaters are measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs), and as a general rule, you need about 20 BTUs per square foot. So, if your room is 200 square feet, aim for a heater rated around 4,000 BTU’s.

Efficiency and Safety Features

Next, it's crucial to consider the heater's efficiency and safety features. Propane heaters are generally efficient, but models with features like thermostats or variable heat settings can help you control your energy usage better, saving you money in the long run. Safety should be paramount. Look for heaters with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) which shuts off the unit if oxygen levels drop too low, and a tip-over switch which turns off the heater if it gets knocked over. Make sure the heater has a safety shut-off feature. This will prevent the heater from overheating and causing a fire. Never leave a gas space heater unattended. Always turn it off when you leave the room or go to sleep.

Venting and Placement

Gas heaters can be vented or vent-free. Both require professional installation; however, vented heaters are designed to be permanently installed with a flue leading outside, which is great for larger spaces but requires a more in-depth professional installation. Vent-free heaters on the other hand are best for smaller rooms and occasional use. Both vented and vent-free heaters will require a fuel line; however, since vent-free units won’t require venting, they have somewhat more flexibility in placement. All space heaters should be placed on a stable, flat surface, away from flammable materials like curtains or furniture.

Choosing the Right Type

Finally, there are different types of heaters, each suited to different needs. Radiant heaters are great for spot heating, warming up people and objects directly in their path. Blue flame or convection heaters, on the other hand, are ideal for heating entire rooms evenly as they distribute heat throughout the space. Understanding these differences can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Let Us Help You Decide

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