Vented vs. Vent-Free Gas Logs: Which Is Right for You?

Considering the addition of gas logs to your home? Your first decision is whether to purchase a vented log set or one that is vent-free.  Here’s a quick guide to help you make the best choice for your space.

Installation and Placement

First, the location of your gas logs may be the deciding factor. Vented gas logs feature a venting system and must be placed in an existing fireplace with chimney, along an outside wall or where the logs can be vented through the roof.  Vent-free gas logs, however, provide a bit more flexibility. They require no outside venting, so they can also be placed in those same locations as well as on interior walls in a self-contained cabinet or fireplace with very simple installation. 

With that in mind, it’s time to consider your priorities and preferences.

Best For Vented Vent-Free
Better air quality  

Buyers on a budget 
(due to ongoing and upfront costs)


Homes without chimneys or
rooms without venting options

Maximum heat output  
Realistic flames and ambiance  

Air Quality

Vented gas logs are designed to remove the combustion gases from inside the house for the best air quality. Most vent-free gas log burners do come equipped with automatic shut-off and oxygen depletion sensors to ensure safe operations.  It is important to remember that a wood-burning fireplace emits a greater amount of emissions than either vented or vent-free gas logs.

Heat Output

For maximum heat output, choose vent-free gas logs because 99.9% of heat produced by these gas logs enters the room.  By comparison, a set of vented gas logs will release much of its heat through the chimney or out the vent pipe along with emissions.  

Realistic Flames and Ambiance

If you are looking forward to watching a cozy, realistic fire, vented gas logs are distinctly more pleasing.  The ventilation system causes the flame to spread and dance like a real, wood-burning fire. The visual impact can’t be matched by vent-free logs.


If budget is your primary consideration, vent-free gas logs typically offer upfront and ongoing advantages over vented logs. Vent-free installation is usually less expensive as no venting system is required. Vent-free gas logs also burn less propane than vented gas logs and are 99.9+% efficient.

Let Us Help You Decide

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