Empire White Mtn Hearth Boulevard Contemporary Fireplace
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Venting: Vent-free
Fuel Type: Propane | Natural Gas
Style: Contemporary
Ignition Options: Intermittent Pilot | Millivolt (Standing Pilot)
Warranty: Yes
Sold Separately: Liners | Media

Product Details

With its strong horizontal lines, contemporary burner, and chic accessories, a Boulevard Linear Vent-Free Fireplace adds drama to any décor. Designed for eye-level, in-wall installation, Boulevard Fireplaces feature modern technology, artfully applied.

Options & Accessories

Surrounds and Fronts

The Boulevard’s matte black interior makes a great backdrop for the linear burner, but we also offer porcelain liners, decorative media, and overhead lighting to let you completely change the character of your fireplace.

4-inch Surround in Matte Black
Tidewater Front in Matte Black, shown with Black Porcelain Liner
Tidewater Front in Hammered Pewter, shown with Black Porcelain Liner

Lighting Kit and Log Set

Lighting Kit enhances liner and decorative glass
(available for VFLL38 and VFLL48 models)
White Porcelain Liner, shown with 4-piece Blue Bay Log Set
(available for VFLL38FP and VFLL48FP only)

Decorative Media

Decorative media may be used with or without a liner. Use only decorative media specified for fireplace installation.

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