RH Peterson Charred Evergreen Split Oak Vented Gas Log Set
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Price Range: $$$$


Venting: Vented
Sizes Available: 18 inch | 24 inch | 30 inch
Fuel Type: Propane | Natural Gas
Ignition Options: Intermittent Pilot | Manual | Millivolt (Standing Pilot)
Warranty: Yes
Log Material: Hybrid

Product Details

The Charred Evergreen Split Oak log set has a robust natural look. It is compatible with RH Petersen's Radiant Fyre gas log system and has many distinguishing features for added beauty and warmth:

  • Exclusive materials provide realistic bark detail, a brighter glow, and more intense radiant heat
  • Stainless steel booster grid acts as a catalyst to create complete combustion, increasing the fire's intensity and the logs' brilliant glow.
  • The burner system uses fewer BTUs while retaining a higher, robust fire with dancing flames.
  • Hidden controls are positioned under the burner for a compact footprint to fill your fireplace with flame.

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