Broilmaster P3PK5/P3PK5N Premium Gas Grill

The P3PK5 grill arrives with every stainless steel option already checked – two-piece three-level grids, griddle, control panel, smoker shutter, folding retract-a-rack, and adjustable lid stop.  The P3X Bowtie Burner generates 40,000 Btu of corner-to-corner, meat-searing heat and maintains a perfectly uniform output at any temperature setting.  The Flare Buster Ceramic Flavor Enhancers keep unwanted flames under control while delivering unmatched heat distribution.

The P3X and P4X grills each feature the legendary Bowtie Burner for exceptional heat distribution at any temperature setting.  The P3X features 695 square inches of total cooking area – cooking grids and warming rack.  The P4X has 473 square inches.  Both grills are available with CharMaster™ Briquets (P3X and P4X) or Flare Buster Ceramic Flavor Enhancers (P3XF and P4XF).  Choose the size and features to suit your cooking style.  Add the optional Smoker Shutter to any P3X grill to double its versatility.

Choose LP or Natural Gas.  Conversion Kits optional.