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It's amazing what can be accomplished when people work together. Through our voluntary program called "Beat The Peak," Blue Ridge Energy members can now help in our effort to keep power costs low, which keeps rates and members’ bills low! It can even delay the need for additional power plants. 

By signing up to receive Beat The Peak alerts, members are notified of an upcoming peak usage period. These are a few critical hours when people are using the most electricity, all at the same time (typically only a few of the hottest weekday summer afternoons or coldest winter mornings)

Participants then voluntarily reduce their electricity usage during the peak period. Simple steps help! Like turning off unnecessary lights, adjusting your thermostat a few degrees, and delaying laundry or the use of hot water. 

We make it easy to know when to take action! Sign up to receive Beat The Peak alerts by your choice of text or email. 

Let’s all work together so everyone wins!

Question & Answer

What is Beat The Peak?

Beat The Peak is a voluntary program to help hold down power costs—and keep rates and bills low—for all Blue Ridge Energy members. Participants voluntarily reduce their use of electricity during peak usage periods: a few critical hours when the most people are using the most electricity, all at the same time. 

What are the benefits?

Members joining together to Beat The Peak can help keep all members’ bills lower. When we all join together to level our cooperative’s peaks in electricity usage, it can reduce wholesale power cost. It can even delay the need for new power plants!

How can you help?

When members receive alerts, they prepare to take action to lower electricity usage in their household during the peak period of just a few hours. Simple actions help! Like adjusting the thermostat a few degrees; turning off unnecessary lights, shifting the time you use large appliances for laundry or dishes; and reducing hot water use. 

*When you sign up for Beat the Peak, we will send email or text alerts to help you know when to conserve energy. Generally speaking, we recommend doing dishes or laundry in the morning before noon OR in the evening after 6 p.m. from June to September to help Beat the Peak. In the winter months, we recommend delaying these tasks until after 10 a.m.

How often do peaks occur?

Peaks occur based on the weather (outside temperature) and electricity usage patterns: typically a few hours on the hottest summer afternoons or coldest winter mornings. 

How will I be alerted?

Sign up to receive a text or email for the easiest way to be notified in advance of the peak period! Alerts are brief messages that will typically be sent the day before a peak period telling you the hours we'll need your help to Beat The Peak! 

Member benefits from Beat The Peak are so important that Blue Ridge Energy will also be notifying members using social media, local news outlets, our website and mobile app! The more members who help Beat The Peak, the more all members benefit! 

Beat The Peak is a voluntary program that benefits all Blue Ridge Energy members. You may opt out at any time. Please note that members will not see a credit on bills for conserving energy, nor will they be penalized if they choose not to shift their power use during peak times. However, participating in Beat The Peak helps everyone by keeping the cost of electricity as low as possible, and may help avoid the need for additional power plants.