Who gets power first?

Who gets power restored first?

It’s a popular question! On social media, this is one of the most common questions we hear during major outage events. Most of the time, these questions are accompanied by specific street addresses or neighborhoods and typically attached with the second question – when is the power going to be restored to my home?

It’s no secret that Blue Ridge Energy line technicians face unique challenges during storms. We serve one of the most rugged regions in North America. Tall peaks, deep ravines and narrow mountain passes can make the task of getting from Point A to Point B an unusually difficult task. Not to mention, crews are typically traveling from location to location in treacherous weather conditions. 

Despite the hectic nature of our weather, along with the terrain and shortcomings of some mountain roads, we have a job to get done.

This video provides a quick look at what gets assessed and then repaired (if necessary), during major outage events. Hopefully this helps explain the method to the madness and the steps that Blue Ridge Energy takes, to ensure that power is restored to members in a safe and efficient fashion.