Gas Log Burners: Which is Right for You?

When selecting a new set of gas logs, one choice to consider is which type of burner would work best for you. Burners are installed in gas fireplaces to support the log set and power the flames. Some gas logs will only work with one type of burner, where others will have a variety. The different types of gas log burners have their own advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading to learn the differences and determine the best solution for your home.

Millivolt Burners

The most common type of gas log burner is called a millivolt or millivolt pilot burner. They use a small, low-voltage pilot light to ignite the gas. This pilot light is a standing pilot, or constantly burning. Millivolt burners are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. However, they can be less efficient than other burners. They also can use a remote control with relatively simple setup, making them an easier-to-use option.

A couple of our gas logs that can be used with this burner:

Intermittent Pilot Burners

Intermittent pilot burners use a larger, high-voltage pilot light that is not a standing pilot. While these burners can also use a remote control, which can even light the pilot, the remotes can be more challenging to use. If not used correctly, the burner can ‘lock up’, delaying ignition. Intermittent pilot burners are more efficient than millivolt; however, they can also be more expensive to install.

A few of our gas logs that can be used with this burner:

Birch Burncrete
By Empire

By Empire

Berkley Oak
By Monessen

Making the Choice

The best type of burner for you will depend on your budget and individual needs. If you are on a budget, a millivolt burner may be the best choice. Another thing to consider is the fireplace size. Make sure to choose a burner and log set that is the right size for your fireplace. Also, the style: some sets are designed for traditional fireplaces, while others have a more modern look. By considering all these different options, you’ll be on your way to creating your comfort oasis in your home!

Let Us Help You Decide

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