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No fireplace is complete without functional, yet decorative fireplace screens. The main purpose for fireplace screens is safety. It keeps kids and animals away from the flames in the fireplace. It also avoids sparks and embers popping out of the fire and burning a hole in your carpet, drapes, pillows and more. A secondary purpose for fireplace screens is an added design element. Screens come in all shapes, sizes and looks. Pick the one that best fits in with the rest of your home’s décor. You could go for a classic, traditional look, or something more modern and bold.

There are two different kinds of fireplace screens: flat guard (or spark guard) screens, and screens with doors. Flat guard screens have a solid mesh panel that fits against the face of the fireplace. They offer the most safety, and the best view of your fire. This type of screen must be moved when you are tending to the fire. Screens with doors fit closely against the front of the fireplace. The doors usually have magnetic closures. It is not required to move the screen to get to the fire, which gives a convenience edge.