Since the beginning of COVID-19, Blue Ridge Energy made the decision to suspend disconnects, waive late fees and offer special payment plans to assist our members and customers during this difficult time. While the decision had already been made to extend these special circumstances until August, Gov. Cooper issued a new Executive Order 142 on May 30 outlining the same timeline. We encourage everyone (including Flexpay members) to continue paying your energy bill to avoid a large balance at the end of this crisis. Call us at 1-800-451-5474 to set up a special payment plan.

Gas Companies

See Propane and Fuels Services

Looking to install a propane gas tank in your home? You've come to the right place! The first thing that will probably help you decide, is which sized propane tank is right for you. This depends entirely on how often you use propane. If you use it to fuel only a few appliances, a 100-gallon tank should be enough. But if you heat your entire home, you will need a much bigger tank.

Smaller propane tanks can remain above ground, while larger tanks can be either above ground, or buried in the backyard. While burying a tank does not sound very difficult, it is recommended that you have the propane company come out and do it for you. They have trained installers who know exactly how deep to dig the hole, and other guidelines that need to be followed. This is to ensure safety, for you, your home, and even the surrounding environment.