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Nothing brings a sense of warmth and hominess to your family home quite like gas fireplaces. But they also have many things going for them. First and foremost, is the extreme ease of use. They can literally be turned on and off with the push of a button. Heck, some even come with a remote control. There’s no more swinging the ax to chop log after log. There’s no more stacking the logs neatly in a pile, only to have them attract snakes, or be soaked with rain. No more having to go out to the woodpile in the dead of winter.

Gas fireplaces are very low maintenance. An annual inspection to make sure your fuel connections are still operational is all you need to do to keep them in working order. Gas fireplaces burn very cleanly, which is healthy for both you, and the environment. Gas fireplaces also provide constant heat. If a wood burning fire goes out, then so does the heat source. But a gas fireplace keeps your home warm throughout.