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One easy way to know exactly how much propane you have left in your propane tanks is to install propane tank gauges. No more guessing, no more being in the dark. Just read your gauges from time to time and you will know exactly when it’s time for a refill. When it’s time to top off your tanks, just call your local propane company and have them come out and refill it for you. Or, if it’s a smaller tank you use for grilling, you can just take it to a gas station or hardware store and swap it out for a new one.

Some gauges even alert you if you’re having a gas leak, which is a nice added safety bonus. Most gauges have two ends. One end has a black collar that fastens into the tank. The other end connects to the propane hose from your grill. Attaching the gauge is simple and needs no tools for installation. If the needle drops, that generally means you have a gas leak. You should disconnect immediately if that is the case.