See Propane and Fuels Services

When you realize you are running low, there are a few different ways to get a propane tank refill. For small tanks, say one that you use for your outdoor grill, you can simply go to your local propane station to have it refilled. One trick to saving money, is to always refill your tank instead of exchanging it for a new one. When you swap tanks, you give up a lot of propane that is still in the tank. But when you get a refill, there is no wasting propane.

If you have a larger sized propane tank, say a 100 or 500-gallon tank, then you will most likely need to have a propane company come out to refill your tank for you. Especially if your tank is buried underground. Most propane companies have several options to choose from. You can sign up for a monthly service where they come out and refill your tank at a fixed time of the month. You can also have a monitor installed on your tank where the company can tell when you are getting low, and they will send someone out. And the final option is to just give them a call when you think you need them to come out and give you a refill.