See Propane and Fuels Services

Propane tank refilling is a necessary thing when you use propane a lot. To avoid running out when you need it most, you may consider installing a propane gauge. That way you will know exactly how much you have left, and when you need to either go get a refill, or have the propane company come out to you. Smaller sized tanks, like you would use for a propane grill on your deck or patio can be refilled at your local propane station. It is more inexpensive than exchanging your tank, and only takes a few minutes.

If you have a much larger tank, say a 100 or 500-gallon tank, you will need to have a local propane company come out and refill your tank. Most companies have a few different ways to choose from for this to happen. You can just keep an eye on your tank and pick up the phone and give them a call when you need a refill. Or you can have them come out at a set time every month. Or you can have them monitor the levels of your tank and send someone out when its time. All three are fine choices, just pick the one that works best for you.