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There are many advantages as to why you should refill propane tank instead of exchanging one. Back in the day, the only option was refilling your tank, they didn’t have an exchange option. While many people may consider exchanging tanks much quicker and more convenient than refilling, you also pay for that convenience factor. Almost everyone will agree that refilling is a more affordable option than exchanging. Additionally, not only is it more affordable, but you also get more propane for your money. And that’s definitely always a good thing. That’s because when you exchange a tank, you are often turning it in before it is completely empty.

Your local propane company is your best bet for where to get your tanks refilled. If you need your small tank to be refilled, you can just take it by and have it refilled by a licensed technician. It only takes about 15 minutes usually. Of course, if you have a
much larger propane tank, it’s just not feasible to take it to the refilling station yourself. In that case, they come to you. You can call them when you are in need of a refill, or you can set up a monthly schedule when they come to you the same time every month.