Let’s take a look at one source of heat that not a lot of folks may know about, wood pellet stoves. Wood pellets are made from compressed materials, so they give off a dry heat. That means there is less moisture, so it gives off a hotter heat. Which we can all agree is a bonus when the temps take a tumble in the winter months. Burning wood pellets also gives off very little smoke, so your entire home won’t smell like you’ve just had a roaring wood burning fire. And everyone knows that’s definitely a good thing.

Other advantages include affordability. The wood pellets are very inexpensive to buy. You can buy them in bags and they stack nicely in the garage, well out of the way when you’re not using them. Burning wood pellets is also good for the environment, and indeed the process of doing so is considered to be carbon neutral. Not too many things these days can claim to be carbon neutral. Wood pellets do produce a little ash, but far less than a regular wood burning fire, so cleanup is quick and painless. And no one likes to clean up after a fire, so that is definitely a major check in the plus column.