Brighter Future Solar Facility

Powering a Brighter Future


19,000 megawatt hours of carbon-free electricity.

The new Brighter Future Solar Facility is the first utility-scale solar project on the Blue Ridge Energy system and can produce enough clean, renewable, electricity to power 1,600 homes. While Blue Ridge Energy doesn't own or operate this facility, the cooperative will purchase the full output of the project through a 25-year fully bundled Power Purchase Agreement. This will help control wholesale power costs to keep rates stable for cooperative members by contributing to reducing peak period wholesale power costs. 



“We are excited to “Flip the Switch” and celebrate the beneficial impact the Brighter Future Solar facility will have on our members living in northwest North Carolina. We set out to meet an ambitious goal that included significant carbon reduction while also making sure we look out for our members and keep the promise of low-cost electricity in mind. Not only will the output of this energy help us Power a Brighter Future, it will also help us maintain stable electricity rates, saving our members money over time." 

Blue Ridge Energy CEO, Doug Johnson