Reading Your Residential Automated Meter

All homes across Blue Ridge Energy's service area now have "automated" meters in place. These meters enable the cooperative to remotely read your meter through the power line and make it easier than ever for you to read your meter and take control of when and how you use energy in your home.

An automated meter looks very similar to the old dial-type meters except the display is now digital and clearly shows numbers. If you look at your meter, you will notice that the digital reading sequence changes every few seconds through two or three displays depending on the type of service you have.

  • First, all meters will have a display of "8's" across the digital panel. This is simply a diagnostic "self-check" performed by the meter.

  • This may be followed by a 30-minute peak wattage demand display reading that can be used for troubleshooting by Blue Ridge personnel.

  • Finally, all meters will have a current kilowatt hour (kWh) display.
    *You are encouraged to check your electricity usage either by reading this display at regular intervals or by signing up for "Usage Tracker" to view your daily kilowatt-hour usage online to better understand when and what affects your energy consumption.

And, if you ever need to contact Blue Ridge about your meter, you can find the identifying meter number directly below "B.R.E.M.C" on the lower portion of your meter. (Note: Even though our meters are now automated, Blue Ridge Energy  will need to be on your property periodically to inspect your meter. This inspection is in accordance with the requirements of the National Electrical Safety Code and helps ensure our members receive reliable electric service. Authorized contractors and their vehicles will have official Blue Ridge Energy identification.) 

What will my automated meter do?

The automated meter system provides a number of significant benefits:

  1. It measures how much energy you use - providing you with the opportunity to take action to reduce your energy bill.

  2. Stores electricity use information - providing you the opportunity to review your daily kWh electricity use information through the internet and Usage Tracker

  3. Greatly reduces the chance of estimated electricity bills - the meters will automatically and regularly send your meter readings through the power line from your facility to the cooperative.