Since the beginning of COVID-19, Blue Ridge Energy made the decision to suspend disconnects, waive late fees and offer special payment plans to assist our members and customers during this difficult time. While the decision had already been made to extend these special circumstances until August, Gov. Cooper issued a new Executive Order 142 on May 30 outlining the same timeline. We encourage everyone (including Flexpay members) to continue paying your energy bill to avoid a large balance at the end of this crisis. Call us at 1-800-451-5474 to set up a special payment plan.

Welcome to Blue Ridge Energy!

Use the checklist and resources below to get your electric service started.

The Quickest Way to Get Electric Service

  • All paperwork must be completed before we can provide electric service. This includes an application for service with Blue Ridge Energy, easements, county or city inspections, applicable fees , and if required, underground service agreements.

  • Please let us know immediately if inspection is in another name besides the applicant’s name.

  • Blue Ridge will need daytime phone numbers for you and your contractors.

  • Provide the subdivision name, lot number, and 911 address or detailed directions to the building site. Start with the closest main road or closest neighbor.

  • Call your district coordinator after application for service is made and all necessary inspections are completed to schedule your work.

  • District coordinators will update you by phone throughout the new service process. If you have questions, please call the appropriate district coordinator listed on this page.

  • There is a one-time $75 meter set fee added to your bill when the permanent service is connected.

If You Request Underground Service

  • Underground temporary service pole must be within ten feet of the transformer or within ten feet of the permanent meter location, if grade is established within six inches. If Blue Ridge Energy buries to the temporary pole, it will be the member’s responsibility to open the ditch, 24” deep, from the temporary meter to the permanent meter location after the final inspection is completed.

  • It is the member’s responsibility to expose all sewer, water, gas, and identify septic field along the under-ground trench route.

  • The meter base will be located between 4 and 5 feet above ground level, at an outside location easily accessible to Blue Ridge Energy’s Authorized personnel or agents.

  • Aid-to-construction charges may apply. If cost exceeds allowable amount, member will be asked to pay charges before construction begins.


  • Sign easement and owner's agreement for installation of underground service if applicable. Include deed book and page of parcel.

  • Set temporary pole and have electrician call the county or appropriate town for inspection. (Reminders: Call 811 for underground facilities location.)

  • Call Blue Ridge Energy's operations coordinator to schedule connection of temporary service after inspections have been done by Planning and Inspections department.

  • Call Blue Ridge Energy’s operations coordinator when ready for permanent power if underground service has not been installed.

  • Have electrician call for final inspection from Planning and Inspections department.

  • Make sure ditch is open from temporary pole to permanent meter if underground has already been buried to the temporary service.