Do you know the facts when it comes to power lines and electrical safety? When using a ladder around the house, installing any kind of antennas and trimming the trees in your yard, be mindful of overhead power lines. Here are a few misconceptions about power lines and answers to common questions about electricity and remember - NEVER, EVER touch a powerline.

Misconception #1: Birds land on wires, so they must be safe to touch.

The main objective of electricity is to reach the ground and it will always try to get to the ground by the easiest, most direct route. Birds do not get electrocuted when they land on wires because they do not represent a path to the ground. A bird on the wire doesn’t give electricity anywhere to go except to go back to the wire, so it is easier for a current to continue on its way in the wire.

However, a ladder, a pole or even something as small as a wet string that comes in contact with a power line provides the electric current with a new path to the ground and can be dangerous. If you are in contact with an object that is somehow touching a power line, then you may become part of the path to the ground and be electrocuted.

Misconception #2: Power lines are insulated, so they're safe to touch.

This is a common misconception that many people have about power lines. Power lines are not insulated and you should always avoid contact with them. It is quite possible for people to get electrocuted if you touch power lines.

Misconception #3: As long as my ladder isn’t metal, it’s safe to rest it on a power line.

While metal is an excellent conductor, it is not the only conductor. Water is also a conductor, so if there is any water on your wooden ladder, then there is a distinct possibility that you could get severely injured if you are touching it. In fact, no matter what the ladder is made of, if it holds moisture or can get wet, then it represents a potential hazard. Be safe. Keep all ladders away from overhead power lines.

Misconception #4: As long as my ladder isn’t touching the line, I’m safe.

Not exactly. It depends on how far away the ladder is from the line. Electricity can jump and often does when a potential conductor like a metal ladder comes within a certain proximity that depends on the weather conditions, the voltage of the power line, and other factors. Keep yourself and all objects at least 10 feet from ANY overhead power line. Note: If you need to be in close proximity to the area where your overhead service attaches to your home (ex. painting, trimming tree limbs, etc.), please contact your local Blue Ridge district office and request someone meet you at your home prior to performing the task to ensure the work you want to do can be done safely.

Remember to play it safe around power lines. If you do not know whether a situation is safe or not, contact your local electric cooperative to ask the experts, and stay away from power lines until you get the correct answers