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Much has changed in the fireplace industry over the last several years. But perhaps the one thing that has changed the least, is fireplace tools. Most fireplace tools come in 5-piece tool sets. They often include a poker, a shovel for scooping ashes, tongs for moving logs around, and a brush for sweeping bark pieces, or other debris. Other tools include a bellow for pumping oxygen into the fire to make it stronger and to produce more heat.

Tools come in a wide spread of designs, colors and materials that they are made from. It’s easy to choose one that fits best into your home’s décor. There are also a wide variety of different kinds of racks for stacking logs of wood by the fireplace, so you don’t have to keep going outside to your outdoor wood pie and letting a blast of cold air in. Chimney cleaning brushes are also a useful tool for keeping your chimney clean, and as a result, safe.