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The primary purpose of a fireplace is to give off heat in your home. But because it is also a focal point of your house, you also want it to look great. These days, there are lots of fireplaces designs. Countless ways to show off your personal flair. Scores of different materials to choose from. And a plethora of accessories. Photography, floral arrangements, candles, clocks, seashells, driftwood, the list of ways to decorate your fireplace goes on and on.

Many people choose their fireplace designs as almost an afterthought. But you should really sit down and give some thought to what you want, what there is to choose from, and how it will all fit into your home’s overall look and feel. And of course, fireplace designs aren’t just about the interior of your home. Outdoor fireplaces have also become increasingly elaborate and ornate in recent years. You can create an entire outdoor oasis, a place that will draw in friends and family alike.