Since the beginning of COVID-19, Blue Ridge Energy has worked to assist our members during this difficult time. With the expiration of Gov. Cooper's Executive Orders 124 and 142, Blue Ridge remains committed in our efforts by continuing to suspend disconnects and waiving penalty and late fees for electric members until October. However, we encourage everyone with a past due balance (including Flexpay members) to call us by August 31 at 1-800-451-5474 to set up a special payment plan or ask us about crisis assistance from the In This Together Relief Fund.

Instant Hot Water Heaters

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Instant hot water heaters have many pluses that make them appealing to homeowners. Another name for them are tankless water heaters. Tankless units never run out of hot water. Often, they last up to ten years longer than regular tank heaters. Instant hot water heaters also take up less room. They only need enough power to heat the amount of water you need. You can shave up to 20 percent off your monthly bill.

Instant hot water heaters eliminate the need to have a large amount of pre-heated water. Tankless units provide hot water on demand at the exact temperature needed, so there’s no storage and no wasted energy heating stored water.