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A lot of people ask the question, “What is the difference between liquid propane gas and propane?” The quick and easy answer is…nothing. The two terms are interchangeable. If you’d like to be a bit more scientific about it, propane gas is put under pressure when stored in a tank. It is converted into a liquid when it is in that pressurized state. By doing this, it drops the temperature of the liquid well below zero degrees. This is why propane tanks are cool when you touch them with your hand.

Propane exists as either a liquid or gas. Both can be used, but not interchangeably. What does that mean, exactly? A propane system configured to use gas can’t use liquid propane and vice-versa. Liquid propane gas can be bought in tanks at your local gas station, hardware store or fuel company. For bigger tanks, you should contact a nearby propane company. They will send somebody out to help you pick the right size propane tank, depending on how much and how often you will need it. Smaller tanks can remain above ground, while most homeowners opt for burying large tanks.