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Propane refilling is a necessary task when you have propane tanks either above ground or below. Two easy ways to know when your small propane tank for grilling needs to be refilled: one, by picking it up. Full tanks are heavy, empty tanks are light. The other way is by touching it. Because the temperature of propane is lowered below zero degrees, the tank is cool to the touch. Therefore, you can actually run your hand down the tank and get a fairly accurate estimate of where the level of propane is depending on when and where you start to feel the coolness on your hand.

There are also more precise methods of measurement if you don’t want to go with these two options. You can buy and attach a tank gauge to your propane tank. It will show you precisely how much propane you have used, and how much you have left. Most local propane companies have a handful of different options to choose from on when they will come and refill your larger propane tanks. You can set a time each month when they always come to refill, or you can install a monitor so the company knows when they need to come refill your tank, or you can just pick up the phone and call them whenever you are in need of a refill.