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Hopefully you won’t wait until you’re out of propane to type in “propane tank refills near me.” But even if you do, you will find that there are several advantages to refilling instead of exchanging your propane tank. Saving money is the number one advantage to refilling. And nine times out of ten, saving money trumps all other advantages, right? The bottom line is, refilling does not cost as much as exchanging. Exchanging tends to have a convenience factor, and of course we usually wind up paying more for something that is more convenient.

Refilling also means that you get more actual propane than you would if you exchange. What does that mean exactly, you ask? Places where you exchange propane tanks will not fill the tanks up 100%. That means if you have a 20-pound tank, you will only get 15 pounds of propane. They will say that it is a safety precaution, but not everyone agrees with that line of thinking. They say that they need to leave extra space in case the heat makes the propane expand in the tank. Anyway, whatever the reason is, refilling stations do not do that, they will fill your tank full.