Since the beginning of COVID-19, Blue Ridge Energy made the decision to suspend disconnects, waive late fees and offer special payment plans to assist our members and customers during this difficult time. While the decision had already been made to extend these special circumstances until August, Gov. Cooper issued a new Executive Order 142 on May 30 outlining the same timeline. We encourage everyone (including Flexpay members) to continue paying your energy bill to avoid a large balance at the end of this crisis. Call us at 1-800-451-5474 to set up a special payment plan.

Refilling Propane Tanks

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Refilling propane tanks is more affordable than exchanging them. And believe it or not, you get more propane that way. If you are exchanging your tank at a gas station or hardware store, chances are you are giving away propane. Because you exchange it before it is 100% empty, you lose a fair amount of propane. But that’s not the case when you refill. Because you’re reusing the same tank, you don’t lose any propane.

Also, if you exchange a 20-pound tank, they only give you 15 pounds of propane. So, you’re missing out on the full capacity of propane your tank holds. That means that not only is exchanging more expensive, the extra money doesn’t get you more propane. That extra amount of propane really adds up. As you can see, while the convenience of exchanging your propane tank is hard to beat, refilling definitely has a lot of big advantages. Especially when it comes to price. And let’s face it, saving money is what almost everyone wants to do.