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Maybe it’s the pioneer spirit of our ancestors in each of us, but there’s just something so wonderful about good old-fashioned wood burning fireplaces. You feel like a throwback, as you split and stack firewood. You get a little jolt of accomplishment when you start a fire. Carefully wadding up sheets of newspaper, while also adding little pieces of kindling to get things started. Those first few plumes of smoke as they fly up the flue. On a cold winter’s night, it’s just really hard to beat.

Making s’mores is also a favorite pastime with wood burning fireplaces. Do you like your marshmallows lightly toasted, or burned black? Slide it between a graham cracker with a bit of chocolate, and wow, that’s really, really hard to top. And by implementing “zone heating” you can really lower the cost of your heating bill by having a fire. Get a roaring fire going, then turn down the thermostat, and you’ll watch as the price of your monthly bill starts to take a dramatic tumble.