As we approach the reinstatement of disconnects and late fees, we want to continue helping members! If you have accumulated a large balance during COVID-19, please call us now at 1-800-451-5474 to set up a special payment plan and discuss crisis assistance available from our In This Together Relief Fund.

Pay Your Energy Bill Automatically

We know how time-consuming paying those monthly bills can be! That's why Blue Ridge Energy offers members options to draft (auto pay) your monthly bill from either your checking or savings accounts. You can also choose to draft by credit card.

Bank and Credit Card Drafts

Drafting (setting up automatic payments) is a great way to simplify paying your bill. And it's free! Your electric bill will arrive at its usual time each month, and your account will be drafted on the "DUE DATE" of the bill, giving you at least two weeks before your account is drafted. 

Getting Started

Simply click here and answer a few simple questions. You'll have peace of mind knowing your cash flow is being optimized, your electric bill is paid on time and you don’t even have to pay the postage.