How to Become a Board Candidate


There are two ways to be considered as a potential board candidate:

  1. By the Nominating Committee - which is composed of cooperative members. For consideration by the Nominating Committee, the Director application is due to the Cooperative no later than 5 PM the first business day of March.
  2. By petition - signed by 20 members and submitted to the cooperative's corporate office at least 60 days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. For consideration by petition, the Director application is due to the Cooperative no later than 5 PM the first business day of April.

Interested candidates should contact Julie O'Dell-Michie, senior vice president and chief administrative officer, to receive a director application packet.

Candidates may complete the application to be considered for nomination by the Nominating Committee (2016 nominating authorization) or complete and application and submit with the signatures of 20 members to be reviewed and approved by the Credentials and Election Committee (2016 nominating autorization) to be considered a director candidate by petition.

2018 Nominating Committee Members

Caldwell District
Jason Carpenter, Jackie Bradshaw, Scott King

Watauga District
Ray Reid, Juior Gragg, Bob Hrozencik (alternate), Curtis Main (alternate)

Ashe District
Melanie Miller, James Young, Cindy Price (alternate), Johnny Seagraves (alternate)

Alleghany District
Kathryn Abernathy, Charles Rudy, Jim Cox (alternate)

2018 Credentials and Elections Committee Members

Caldwell District
Members: Keith Money
Alternates: Jack Derancy and Ron Kiziah

Watauga District
Member: Richard Clark
Alternates: Angie Miller and Grant Mastin

Ashe District
Members: Marty Norris
Alternates: Glenna Wilcox and Judson (J.E.) Blevins

Alleghany District
Members: Cindy Atwood and Steve Mason
Alternates: Linnea Miller and Jim Connor