Board of Director Duties

Blue Ridge Electric members choose 12 individuals to serve as their representatives on the Board of Directors. The board guides the management and operations of Blue Ridge Electric. Each member has one vote in determining who should serve on Cooperative's Board of Directors.

These duties include:

  • Setting policy
  • Approving strategy
  • Hiring and supervising a chief executive officer for the cooperative

Requirements to serve on Blue Ridge Electric's Board of Directors

All Director candidates, whether nominated by the Nominating Committee or by petition, shall complete a Director Candidate application by the date established in these Bylaws. It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee, with the advice of Legal Counsel provided by the Cooperative, to determine if a Director Candidate considered by the Nominating Committee, meets the Bylaws qualifications of a Director Candidate. It shall be the duty of the Credentials and Election Committee, with assistance of the Cooperative's General Counsel, to determine if a Director Candidate by petition, meets the Bylaws qualifications for a Director Candidate.

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Directors by District

The number of directors is distributed by district to ensure full representation of the cooperative's total service area:

  • Watauga district - (3) directors
  • Ashe district - (3) directors
  • Caldwell district - (3) directors
  • Alleghany district - (3) directors

There are two ways to be considered as a potential board candidate:

  1. By the Nominating Committee - which is composed of cooperative members.
  2. By petition - signed by 20 or more members of the Cooperative with five being in each of the four directorate districts and submitted to the cooperative's corporate office at least 60 days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting.

Interested candidates should contact Julie O'Dell, senior vice president and chief administrative officer, to receive a director application packet.

Director Elections

The election of directors opens approximately four weeks before the annual meeting each year.

One of the strongest benefits of belonging to a cooperative like Blue Ridge Electric is the voice you have in this business. Voting for your board of directors is one of the most significant ways for you to participate in your cooperative.

Based upon your cooperatives bylaws, the number of directors shall not exceed 15 and shall not be less than seven (7).

You may vote one of three ways:

One advantage of being served by a cooperative is the right to elect peers — other members — to serve on the board of directors to lead and guide their cooperative. Please use this opportunity to take part in this democratic process.